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Coconut Syrup 250 g

Coconut Syrup 250 g


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Coconut Syrup 250 g


Coconut water The concentrated sweet juice is made from 100% natural coconut flowers, no preservatives, no added color, no odor, no undesirable brown sugar. Instead of sweet honey. Or sweet syrup suitable for cooking. Drink and have benefits of nutrients.

- Suitable for diabetics who still need sweetness. Suitable for health conscious people. Because of low glycemic index. It is also rich in nutrients to the body. The body is not fat, minerals and minerals, such as iron, copper, potassium, in the absence of sweat, the body will not fatigue. Help the excretion because it is a natural sweetener. Mixed with amino acids, minerals, vitamin C and vitamin B1. More than other types of sugar. The body absorbs sugar into the blood slowly. Energy is always healthy.


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